About Us

Integrated Shipping Management Services (ISMS) is a company which has been formed to provide Global shipping solutions and a continuous improvement process for Importers and Exporters who procure supplies from Global origin locations or who ship product to global destinations.

ISMS provides a range of services tailored to meet the needs of Companies which results
from a research and review process.

These services are provided after an evaluation of existing processes. The evaluation is
provided by ISMS from the information provided by the Companies on a strictly confidential
“Commerce in Confidence” basis, after discussions with key personnel and the engagement of a full audit process.

Achievements attained and benefits forthcoming include:

  • Removal of all disconnects within organizations.
  • Proper structure and capacity review.
  • Key freight management services savings and benefits.
  • DIFOTA process and customer service levels validated across the Company.
  • Key Performance Indicators set for all future processes.
  • Concentration on Companies core business purpose.

Companies who have benefited from the process are AVAILABLE ON APPLICATION.

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